Date:  April 8, 2009






Gary Bellefleur, Gerald Button, Donald Carroll, Brenda Clark, and Lois Hawes, and a list of guest.



                        1.         Approve March 25, 2009 Meeting Minutes

            Upon motion by Don Carroll, seconded by Lois Hawes, it was unanimously voted to approve the March 25, 2009 Minutes with the removal of page 4, letter O., last sentence “Don Carroll reminded Mr. Biggar about cutting trees.”


            C. QUIT CLAIM DEEDS 



            D.  WARRANT


1.      Payroll Warrant – Approve warrant # 58

Upon motion by Gerald Button, seconded by Don Carroll, it was unanimously voted to approve the Payroll Warrant.


2.      Expenditures – Approve warrant # 59

Upon motion by Don Carroll, seconded by Lois Hawes, it was

Unanimously voted to approve the Expenditures Warrant,

(It was noted to check if Animal Control Officer Katherine Ricker was dividing expenses with the other towns in which she is also the Animal Control Officer).


            E. BOARD OF ASSESSORS       




Mr. Button reported to the Board the update of the War Memorial Committee Meeting that was held.  (see attached written report).  It was also pointed out that the only responsibility of the Committee is to come up with 2 scenarios of moving the monument, or not to move the monument,


Brenda Clark reported on the Scholarship Awards.  (see attached Criteria and application) Other questions were, when will the scholarship be given?  The consensus of the Board was that the scholarship would be announced at graduation, but the money would not be awarded until after the first semester was completed.  Brenda questioned if the $1,000 should be given to one applicant, or divided between 2 of $500 each.  Gary Bellefluer stated that is a decision that will have to be made on a yearly basis.  If there is only one applicant, then they would receive the $1,000, if there were more than one applicant, then it would be divided.  (Consensus of the Board was not to divide the money more than 2 ways of $500. Each)





1.      Mark Merrill had request regarding property survey steaks pulled up by grader

Both John Biggar and Richard Webber were present and stated that the Town needs to know the road width.  They both believed that Herb’s Landing is a 2 rod road and that would make the right of way 32 feet.  Jeff Leighton stated that the stakes and coupling was more than visible and should not have been broken off.  Mr. Webber stated when it dries out, they will pull the sand back.  John Biggar stated that the road needs ditching work and pipes to drain the water. 

Don Carroll stated Herb’s Landing is a town road and the town will follow the “right of way” rule.  John Biggar stated that the stakes are not the responsibility of the town, they were in the town’s “right of way”.


2.      Coboro road is in bad shape 1 written complaint & 1 phone call

Lois Hawes reported that Sid Beem is still traveling the Coboro Road with the logging trucks and what can the town do to stop this.  Suggestions were made by Marlene Webber to take pictures.  John Bigger stated that gravel and grading will be done as soon as the road can be traveled.

 Marty Hipsky also stated the Mt. Pleasant Road is worse at the very end of the road, the road should be blocked off.  John Biggar will call the Fire Chief and block off the road.

Mr. Biggar also stated that the projects that have been completed are holding up nicely.




            A.  ANIMAL CONTROL

                        1.  Reminder as of April 1st unlicensed dogs will be charged a late fee of $25.00.     




                        1.         Looking for a member if anyone is interested


            C.  CEMETERY        -Place small add Rolling Thunder to remove any unwanted items on grave sites by May 1, 2009.                     

            D.  CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER   Nothing.

            E.  E911         Nothing.

            F.  EDUCATION       -Nothing.

            G.  EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS COMMITTEE    -Nothing.                  

            H.  EMT/RESCUE                -Nothing.

I.   FIRE DEPARTMENT      -Nothing.

            J.  MEETINGHOUSE           -Nothing.


            1.         Easter Party at the Meeting House on April 11th from          10 am – 12 pm

Announced, and Gary Bellefleur was pleased to hear this announcement on the radio, and that the rec dept was utilizing the free coverage available to them.

            2.         Baseball, Little League & Farm League sign-ups are due

by April 20th.  April 4th sign-up will be @ Stetson Union Church from        10 am – 12 pm




            1.         Looking for Planning board Members


            M. PLUMBING INSPECTOR         -Announced.           

N. RECYCLING & SOLID WASTE COLLECTION         -Announced.           

            O. ROAD COMMISSIONER  

P.  STATE LEGISLATIVE CORRESP      Don Carroll will be attending an LPC meeting and will report next meeting.

            Q. TREASURER       -Nothing.

R.    WELFARE DIRECTOR              -Nothing.

            S.  OTHER    Noted to do Letters of Intent for Contractors to sign.



IV.               TRAINING



V.                 PUBLIC COMMENTS 

Jeff Leighton was present and stated that all roads should be graded at the same time.  Some roads get graded twice when they all need the same upkeep and care.  Jeff stated that he feels favoritism is being shown.

Both Mr. Webber and Mr. Biggar explained that each road is different as are the conditions at different times.



Marty Hipsky was present and expressed concerns of the big Maple trees in front of the meeting house.  Marty stated the trees have been girdled and debarked by a mower.  Marty stated a lot of the trees are already dead and the others are in really bad shape.  Marty requested the Board check into the contractor’s liability insurance to replace these trees.













Upon motion by Gerald Button, seconded by Gary Bellefleur, it was unanimously voted to adjourn the meeting.






____________________________________Gary Bellefleur


____________________________________Gerald Button


____________________________________Donald Carroll


____________________________________Brenda Clark


____________________________________Lois Hawes








Minutes Recorded by;        Diane Lacadie