Historical Society

In 1793 Amesa Stetson, owner of the Stetson Plantation, made a request for Incorporation
as a town. The first inhabitants of Stetson Maine arrived around 1801 as squatters;
and in 1831 Stetson was officially Incorporated. Since then there have been an array of people
living within the town's boundaries. There are direct descendants of the original families still
living here today. Several of the homesteads are still present; however remodeled or refaced.
One original school house remains on Stetson Road. Formerly Village # 2 School; now an
apartment house, divided into four apartment's.

The Stetson Historical Society's purpose is to preserve, protect, and maintain the
historical materials, and records for the benefit of Stetson residents; and future generations.
The Historical Society is made up of volunteers, and is always looking for materials that
residents or descendants may have tucked away. Please feel free to contact any of the
members if you have materials to donate, or allow to be copied for future generations.

The Historical Society meets the 1st Thursday of the month at 6:30 PM. at the Historical Society Museum.


Charles Leighton
Dale Brownie
Vice President
Julie Brownie
Constance Merrill
Brenda Clark